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Falconry Regulations

Falconry in Colorado is regulated by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service providing law enforcement and federal regulatory oversight. Current information and application forms can be found on the CPW website. The CPW licensing process is provided here as a roadmap for those interested in beginning the licensing process, followed by the CPW chapters that directly related to falconry.

Please contact Erik Slater, Special Licensing Coordinator, at or at 303.291.7143 if you have additional questions regarding apprentice licensing or specific inquiries regarding license renewal, reinstatement or transfer from another state.

Click here for the CPW Licensing Process Overview

Carefully review the state regulations pertinent to falconry which can be found in Chapters W-00, W-03, W-05, and W-06 of Colorado Parks and Wildlife Regulations:

Colorado License Applications

Links for the following can now be found on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website:
  • Falconry Applications
  • Facility, Sponsor and Falconry Upgrade Forms
  • Raptor Entry Forms (this form is used used for reporting the acquisition and disposition of raptors held under falconry licenses)
All of these can be found by scrolling to the Falconry section of the page.  Click here to access these resources:

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